Celebrate Euro Puppy's 10th birthday with us!

Euro Puppy team

The beginning

When we launched Euro Puppy in 2001, we had no idea where it might end up in 10 years. We didn't even dream about becoming the largest and most reputable company of its kind. In the first few years we only shipped puppies to the US, but more and more requests came in from new countries every year. 

10 years on

10 years later, we have happy customers in 88 countries, including distant and exotic locations such as Madagascar, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Japan and Puerto Rico. 

The secret of Euro Puppy's success

We have come a long way and learnt a lot over the years. The success Euro Puppy has achieved, would not have been possible without investing a lot of time and energy in building good relationships with the top breeders of Europe. Training our team on a regular basis - so that they can identify the desired characteristics of each breed and spot almost any health issue by giving the puppy a quick checkup - has been another key part of our success. As a result of our ongoing health and quality assurance efforts we have been able to only sell top quality, healthy puppies. The investment has been returned by satisfied customers coming back for their second or third puppies and referring us to their friends. 

The future

In the future, we will do our very best to keep our high standards up and to exceed our customers expectations. We dedicate 2011 to further improving customer service. We want each and every customer to feel at ease and we will be there to provide support at every stage of the process and even after that. We will provide guarantees that no other company dares to. Our one-liner for the year is: if you are satisfied, tell everyone, if you are not, tell us why. 

Thank you for celebrating with us!

We celebrated our 10th birthday with different promotions and special offers each month throughout 2011. We are very happy to have had so many of you join the fun and hope you'll be with us in the next 10 years of Euro Puppy as well.  


December: $200 OFF

puppyxmasBe one of the first 3 people to reserve your puppy on the 13th of December between 0 and 24 hours (Central European Time) and pocket Euro Puppy's Christmas present.


You liked our Christmas present so much that we ran out in no time! The good news is that we've decided to do more of it. You may see the banner saying $200 off on any day throughout December. Just keep coming back to the site and be quick if you see the sign.  

November: Love at first sight


You just know it. One quick look at a cute face, and you feel it in your bones, you found THE ONE… Love at first sight doesn't happen very often, but when it does, you know it happened to you.

In November we'd like to reward everyone who falls in love with one of our puppies with a special, $100 discount. 

If you fall in love with a puppy and just know that he or she is THE ONE for you, make a reservation within 2 business days of your first inquiry, and you'll get $100 off. Click for details.

October: Find out what your friends think!

Puppy with laptopIt's always nice to have our friends' support when making a big decision. Buying a puppy effects our lives for more than a decade so it's kind of a big decision. 

If you are about to buy a puppy in October, ask your friends on Facebook whether they think the puppy you've picked is a good match for you. You'll be offered a $100 discount if at least 20 of your friends express their opinions.

Here is what you need to do before finalizing your purchase to get the discount.

  1. Find your puppy's profile page on Euro Puppy (select the breed and find the puppy in the list).
  2. Click "Ask your friends on Facebook". This will share the puppy's link on your Facebook profile with the following message: "I'm about to buy this cute puppy from Euro Puppy. Do you think we are a good match?"
  3. Set the privacy of this post to "Public" so that we can see it.
  4. Get at least 20 of your friends to answer the question in a comment.
  5. Email us with a link to your Facebook profile to get the $100 off.

It's that simple. Find out what your friends think and save money at the same time. Have fun!

September: The holidays might be over, but the good times are just beginning.

penholderGetting back to school after an eventful and adventurous summer break is not what most kids dream about. But with a furry friend waiting at home, the spirit of adventure and excitement will live on and suddenly school won't seem so boring after all.

Buy your puppy in September and we'll surprise your kids with a pen holder that will let them always be close to their best friend, while at school or doing homework.

To participate, please email us after your purchase has been finalized with your full name and a scanned image of your child's passport or ID card, proving that he or she is between the ages of 5 and 14. The gift will be sent to you as a $35 Amazon gift card, which can be used to purchase the item.



August: Get a gift T-shirt with your puppy's picture on it!

In August, all of our puppies come with a Euro Puppy dog tag and collar as a gift to our customers!

Adopting a puppy is a very special moment in every family's life and to help you remember it, we'll give you a T-shirt with your puppy's picture printed on it. Here is what you need to do to get it:


  1. Buy your puppy in August. 
  2. Take a photo of the puppy and yourself (and your family if you want) with the Euro Puppy tag visible on the puppy's neck.  
  3. Email us the photo and don't forget to mention your T-shirt size
  4. Upload the photo on our Facebook page
  5. Share the photo on your own Facebook profile.  

To receive the gift T-shirt, all the above five steps must be completed. The resolution of the photo must be minimum 1200*1800 pixel. The Euro Puppy tag must be clearly visible in the photo.


July: Find your perfect puppy with the Euro Puppy iPhone App


The Euro Puppy App sends a notification (text/sound/badge - your chocie) to your iPhone whenever a new puppy of your selected breed(s) is posted. It also lets you check the puppies' information and photos right in the app.

When you are looking to buy a puppy, you are likely to select a breed first and then pick a specific puppy that has something special going for it. In this process, you need to remember and visit several websites every now and again to see if any puppies of your selected breed have been uploaded. This can become an arduous exercise - day after day, visiting several websites only to find the puppy you are looking for may not have been born yet.

The Euro Puppy iPhone App changes the paradigm completely. Once you've downloaded the app, there is no need for you to keep checking the website, you'll still be notified if a puppy of your selected breed(s) becomes available. You can view the profile and photos of the puppy right in the app on your phone and if you spot the one you've been waiting for, just hit the contact button, send us a message and you're done.



June: A Facebook post is worth a $100 in June

Euro Puppy FacebookIf you are buying your puppy in June, you can easily get $100 off the price and spend it on puppy accessories, dog food or whatever you want to. All you need to do is post a message on our Facebook page and say why you are choosing the breed you are choosing and why you've decided to buy your puppy from Euro Puppy. Two minutes of your time, $100 cash in your pocket.

Please make sure to ask for the discount before finalizing the purchase with your sales person by mentioning "Facebook post". You are only entitled to the discount if you have posted your message and asked for the discount before finalizing your purchase.




May: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


30dayIf you are worried about purchasing your puppy over the internet or are simply new to this experience this is your chance! Buy your puppy in May and get an extra peace of mind with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our puppies are carefully selected from the best litters of top European breeders, often with champion parents and predecessors. With this special guarantee, we'd like to make your decision even easier by freeing you from any concerns you may have had. Find out more. 



April: Your dog eats FREE for a whole year!


The celebration of our 10th birthday continues in April with a Video Contest for our customers, who already bought a puppy from us. This is how to participate:

1. Like us on Facebook. 

2. Make a short video introducing your dog (at least 30 seconds, no longer than 3 minutes). In the video, mention your dog’s breed and name, when you got him or her from us and where you live. Talk about your experience with Euro Puppy and explain why you'd recommend us to others.

3. Upload the video on Euro Puppy's Facebook page.

4. Get your friends to like your video.

The video that we find to be the funniest, coolest, most creative or moving wins the contest!

The prize: Your dog eats FREE for a whole year. *

*Terms and conditions apply

By entering this contest, you accept the following terms and conditions.

The contest ends at 12:00 Central European Time April 25th 2011. The winning video is chosen by the team of Euro Puppy. We will pick the video that we think is the funniest, coolest, cutest, most creative or simply the best. The number of likes each video gets will also influence our decision. The winner receives the prize in cash. The feeding of a large sized dog over a 12 months period is estimated to cost $250. If you have a small dog, you will still receive the full amount of $250. By entering this competition you grant Euro Puppy the right to use the content submitted by you in marketing and promotion campaigns as it sees fit.

March: $500 Off of the Puppy Of The Day 

Puppy of the dayIn March, we select a puppy every single weekday, which can be yours at $500 off of the normal price! Each puppy has the $500 Off badge for ONE DAY only! We choose the puppies from the most popular breeds.

Bookmark this page and check back every day at 12:00 Central European Time and be the first to reserve the Puppy Of The Day. 

The Puppy Of The Day will come from the following popular breeds in no particular order:


February: 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

10 Year Satisfaction GuaranteeIn February only, all of our puppies come with a $500, 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee! Yes, we know it's hard to believe, but it's true. Don't miss out, buy your puppy in February and your satisfaction is guaranteed for 10 years! The 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee is now for the whole of 2011!