Referenzen: Odin - Our Berner Sennenhund, in Llanfynydd, Vereinigtes Königreich

April 21, 2009
Kate & Jason Holland

Hi Eddie,
Here are the photos of Odin as promised. He is lovely dog although sometimes I do think Odin must mean clown in hungarian, as he is a bit of a fool!
We took him to the beach a couple of weeks ago but I don't think he was that keen as he layed down in the sand and refused to get up.When he lays down he stretches himself out almost like a rabbit with his back legs behind him.
I get such a welcome from him even when I've left the room for just a minute and gone back in, he stands on his back legs and waves his front paws in the air, like a massive bear! Although he has'nt been here that long  it seems like he has always been here, he has fitted in so well.
Thank you so much
Kate and Jason

Kate & Jason Holland

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