Mini Englishche Bulldog in Deutschland

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Hello Eddie!! I am very sorry that it has taken me so long to give you an update on the puppy that we purchased from Europuppy! Sonata (now known as Bella) is doing great!! She is growing fast, 4 months old already and 35 pounds!! We are all absolutely in love with her and so happy to have her as a member of our family!! Thanks for all of your help and the great service that we received from Europuppy!!

Take care!!

Matthew and Briana McQuaig,

Bann, Germany

Briana McQuaig

Hi Eddie,

I hope that you enjoyed your vacation. Here is a couple pictures of Beckham. That is what we named him and his health certificate is attached also. He is doing well, and getting very very big. We have him in obedience school and he is doing very good. He is really good with the kids to. Thanks for everything.

Camilla Brown